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Selected Refereed Publications & Presentations

Integrating Educational Games Using Player Type, Consortium for Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking, St. John's University, New York, NY., October 2014.


Integrating Educational Gaming Experiences, Science Teachers of New York State Conference, Rochester, NY., November 2013.


Promoting Interest in STEM Trough the Use of Digital Literacy and 3D Gaming, New Jersey Science Convention, Princeton, NJ, October 2012.


Teaching Science Using Digital Literacy and 3D Gaming, Game Education Summit North America, Redmond, WA, June 2011.


Strategies to Address the Under-Representation of Women & Minorities in Computer Science and Technology, 14th Annual Education Technology Conference, Campus Technology, Washington D.C., July 2007.


Intelligent User Interface Agents in CBIR, IEEE SouteastCon, Memphis, TN,

March 2006.


Knowledge Discovery in Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems,

Ph.D. Dissertation, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 2005.


Online Courses at Franklin University, Franklin University 1st Conference on Distance Education, Columbus, Ohio, 1997.


Principled Auditory Feedback, ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Monterey, California, May, 1992.


The Use of a Relational Database in Method Driven Environments, SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, Jayashree Ramanathan, Robert Vermilyer, Thorbjorn Anderson, John M. Rose, Volume 10,

Issue 5, 1985.


Motorola Solutions Foundation CS Scholar Success, Motorola Solutions Foundation, ($30,000), September, 2023.

Unity and Meta Immersive Learning Grant, Unity 3D and Meta, ($2,500), June 2022.

Providing Innovative Digital Educational Content, St. Thomas Aquinas College, ($29,000), June 2019.

Promoting Interest Through the Use of Digital Literacy and 3D Gaming, Hewlett Packard Catalyst Initiative Grant ($150,000), July 2011.


Marketing Computer Science, St. Thomas Aquinas Faculty Grant ($2,000),

April 2008.


Using Mobile Technology to Unlock the Clubhouse, HP Technology for Teaching Grant ($69,000), May, 2006.


Using Multimodal Feedback in User Interfaces to Enhance Performance, Apple Computer Research Grant ($2,000), July 1991.



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